T953 in a sea on scrap waste.

A Leyland National observation coach?

A Leyland National observation coach? I don’t think even Orme White could have dreamt this up! Actually the roof is from ex Southdown PD3 201 (AOR 158B) with the remains of National 397 (HTX 729N) providing an unusual storage unit.

3 ex Provincial Guy Arabs at Fort Wallington.

A June 1970 line-up of 3 ex Provincial Guy Arabs at Fort Wallington. Nearest the camera is either 4 (JHO 129)or 5 (HOR 792); in the centre is a former Southampton vehicle (possibly 16 (FCR 441), whilst far right is probably coach-bus 60 (EHO 967).


Purchased form Mansfield District , this 1955 Bristol LS/ECW was due to have been Provincial No.6 but was found to have a defective chassis. It was sent to a local scrap merchant a couple of weeks after this photo was taken in September 1970.

(CAA 700)

Park Royal bodied 38 (CAA 700) looks in a sorry state as she awaits her fate at Fort Wallington on March 1, 1967.

Fort Wallington breakers yard

Seen at  are 4 Provincial buses and one Hants and Dorset Bristol K. Just peeping into view on the left is what I believe to be 60 (EHO 967). I stand to be corrected , but I think this was the only one to have a side destination box in that position. Next are two ex Red & White Guy Arabs, and what looks like the prototype Guy/Deutz conversion 59 (EHO 965).


A line up of three buses in the process of cannibalisation and one boat! at Hoeford. From left to right are AEC Regents 1 (JX 7048), 2 (BUS 107) and 33 (ACN 172).


Photo of Retired Blue Line bus
Taken at a scrapyard for buses this picture is of a former Blue Line bus, number 426. (no plates visible).

Northampton 129

From the outset it was decided that the bus would be completely refurbished with no compromises.  Four years on from the start of the project the bus has been rewired throughout, new exhaust manufactured, the radiator generously made available by the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust rebuilt, the chassis painted with several generous coats of red oxide primer, grey undercoat and black gloss, the fuel tank, front mudguards and driver’s cab inner wing repaired, new interior trim produced and much of the timber replacement complete. A prelude to the main work was a thorough and competent sand blast of the chassis, the front end of the bus and interior, which proved a good investment and is paying dividends by providing clean and corrosion free work areas.  The 32 years that Northampton 129 had spent at Molesworth greeting both the warmth of the summer sun and the winter icy rain had taken its toll on the front end of the bus the nose of which had enquiringly jutted out of one of two large barns for all that time. A rebuild of the cab frame and reinforcement of the front canopy was therefore essential together with replacement of the beading around the top front windows and destination box that had rotted.


Languishing in a scrap yard in Camborne on 6th May 2007 was ex Truronian (originally Western National) AFJ753T.

Bristol Lodekka

For many years now old British buses that have escaped the scrap yard have been exported around the world. Imagine my surprise when I came across an old Bristol Lodekka parked up just 10 kms south of Parthenay. MCS756 is now in use as a roadside café and restaurant at La Croix des Vignes on the D743 down to Niort.

The bus came into France from Belgium via Les Bus Anglais up at Le Mans and originally saw service with Western Scottish Motor Traction. The downstairs is now fitted out as a kitchen.


For a short while the SMS was replaced by MBs brought out of the scrap yard for the 244 due to the continual failures of the SMSs



Ex Manchester CT/awaits the cutters torch in C F Booths scrap yard, Rotherham in November 1979. I’ve posted this picture in memory of Michael Roberts of Sedgley; a great friend of mine, who sadly passed away aged 16 years, just a few days after this picture was taken in 1979.

No71 ARN 656C


Once a proud vehicle in the Preston Corporation bus fleet (No71 ARN 656C), this MCW bodied Leyland PD3 is photographed on 27th July 1994, just a few days before it was finally broken up for scrap in PVS’s bus-breakers yard in Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

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