Ex-Arriva London MA80 (BX05 UWZ)


it was such a shame about these bendy buses they would have had years left if they didn’t need them anymore, also they couldn’t really sell them because these bendy buses were prone to fires if they weren’t I’m sure they’d still be on the road today and for years to come yet!

JNU 988D


These vehicles were within a row of vehicles awaiting collection by Carlton scrap dealers when seen at W E North on September 8th 1991. Nearest the camera is JNU 988D a Bristol FLF6G training bus. New as Midland General 668 in October 1966 it later saw use as a driver trainer with United and Northumbria before being sold to Norths in 1990. Alongside is Leyland National 10351/1R NHB 892M carrying the livery of Your Bus, Alcester. This vehicle was new in April 1974 as Merthyr Tydfil 192.



Bristol VRL OCK 62K was new to Ribble in 1971 one of 30 similar VRs that only Ribble ever received for express motorway services. By 1976 it was withdrawn and passed to Tyne & Wear PTE who acquired 8 of them for use on services to Tyne Commission Quay, its sister vehicle can be seen atwww.flickr.com/photos/adogriff/5082316118/ . Initially disposed of to Norths at Sherburn it was purchased for further use as a school bus by Hulme Hall and was finally disposed of to PVS Barnsley where it is seen in 1992