M168GRY (Gary) has taken his final journey today. Sadly it ended at Uncle Geoff Ripley’s yard in Barnsley.
Recently with Connexionsbuses from GHA Coaches, Gary has only seen 3 & 1/2 Months service with connexions but he has served well.


B917UBM a Detroit engined Bedford recovery unit.


B917UBM a Detroit engined Bedford recovery unit. Left hand drive vehicle and came to Bere Regis and District in 1986, some say to start dragging the second hand Volvos they bought from Smiths Shearrings at the same time. Not sure if it was ex military. no idea what happened to it at close of business in 1994. It sounded amazing and apparently could pull a house down Picture from John Hembry collection

RMC1499 499 CLT.

This bus arrived back in Blighty last night, it’s not ours, it’s a customers, it’s been a Snack Bar in south of France for 25 years, it’s not turned a wheel for years until the recovery truck picked it up.
It will need some TLC here and there. Our first job is to sort the bodywork out. As you can see from the pics its been chopped about a bit.
But It does resemble an RMC…


South of France, getting ready for the long trip home. 15578977_374548162895260_3189383831420269780_n.jpg

Not bad, could have been a lot worse.


Always a good sign, making it to Calais with no problems


FORGET THE ICE ROAD TRUCKERS..If you need a vehicle recovering from the continent, you can’t beat J & K Recovery.

A great job and I don’t even know them….